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We live in a world which demands collaborative leadership. Great companies involve the customers in their decision-making system, giving them a voice to say.
Think about it, the customer you trying to serve with the BIG revolutionary idea of yours, is probably helping someone else with a big idea of theirs too.

Writing emails that say I can do X for the price Y compared to Z isn’t going to help much in this decade. What we need is a collaborative leadership, people coming together to solve a problem. Your customers are intelligent, they do have an idea about how to solve their problems better and waiting for you to ask. Successful relationships, whether they are marriages, business partnerships, friendships, etc., are about doing things together.

Build it and they may come isn’t always true. You must build a community around what you do, involve your customers in your decision-making system. I am sure that means sacrificing some of your time which you rather willing to spend on writing code or running ad copies, but totally worth it.
Deepak Kumar
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Community building is hard, we made it easy.
We promise that we will do everything we can do ideate, innovate, and regularly make sensible updates to the product to get better and better results for you.
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