A community is an ecosystem and a community manager is the one that makes sure there’s peace and order in the community. Digging deeper into what is community management will empower us to know what to expect and how to best use a community manager in our community. Piper Wilson, a community manager for over 10 yrs and now is a community manager at Grazitti Interactive, was gracious to make things clear for us in our Twitter AMAs. There are much more exciting AMAs to have a look at and umpty more lined up in which you can be a part too. Check out Deepak if you don’t wanna miss the fun (AMAs)

People are the "spice" that enhances the "flavor" of a business

Piper said it out loud. Businesses that treat members as humans win the race. Building something with humanity creates a personal touch, this aspect of having a personal touch is something that Piper has seen unchanging over the years of her experience. You know it’s important when it is held for such a long period.

What does it take to be a community manager?

Community management is fun however, it’s no joke. The community manager’s role tick-tocks every minute of their time and it definitely cannot stick to a 9 to 5 schedule. It’s inevitable for a community manager to lose oneself to the community and its needs. A good balance between work and life is crucial to guard their mental health. And this cannot be overlooked.

Why is a community manager crucial for a community?

A community is something that is alive and is running 24/7, a place that has a ton a lot of different kinds of people, a place where there are endless conversations, emotions, perspectives, activities, and a lot more. This seems like quite a lot in one plate, right? And that is why a community manager is crucial. A community manager does not alone set the organizational process smooth but also sets the emotions of the members in a good place.

A community involves more than what you expect it does, from strategies to crisis management their responsibilities are endless. And not having a good community manager creates a hole that is scarer than the Bermuda triangle. A community manager is crucial what’s even more crucial is, to have a good community manager.

How does a community manager emerge?

There is a scarcity of good community managers in the world of communities. A good community manager still exists and this is how they emerge. The learning curve might be steep in the beginning but that is what makes it fun and gives ample time to hone themselves. But what helps them the most is, reading. Reading. Reading. Anything and everything around the term community. Networking with community people gives exposure. This bundle will help learn, maintaining a healthy work/life culture.

“Just like exercise is a good practice in general, reading enriches one's life”  Piper finishes off.

Brands may have to "bring up" a CM at the same time as they build their community

This seems to be the best solution, to nurture both the community and the correspondent CM at the same phase of time. This creates a great rapport between the community and the CM and creates a productive overall impact.

People make the community and a community manager holds it together. With these two aspects peddling down the road smoothly a community with no doubt travels well. A big thanks to Piper Wilson to throw out light on a core aspect of a community with experience and knowledge.

Habitate believes something just like this and has made things easy for all community managers out there to manage a community, if you happen to be a community manager don’t miss to have a look at Habitate.

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