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Aquibur Rahman

Tips to create an email newsletter that engages your online community

We all know email newsletters are important to increase your brand loyalty, promotions, and awareness amongst your customers. But let us take a step back, and look at the big picture - 'Did you know that email newsletters are correlated to skyrocketing your customer engagement in your community?'

Rachel Hannah Esther

Community’s hunt for tools

What does a community host dream about? He/she dreams of building an outstanding community where everything is possible and every minute process involved in a community is a cinch for its members. but how to do it?

Rachel Hannah Esther

The power of communication in a community

Communicating is an inevitable act in a community. And that is why knowing how and which type of communication theory is apt for your content will help you make the content reach the human brain.

Rachel Hannah Esther

A dekko at community management

People make the community and a community manager holds it together. With these two aspects peddling down the road smoothly a community with no doubt travels well.

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