Value = economy. When do people put money on something? When they find value in it. There is an ongoing battle people put themselves into on a daily basis to create something that is found valuable by others. However, this battle scene doesn’t look the same for all.

A creator is a person who curates content by compiling ideas in a way he or she, and the people who consume them find value in it. This creation can be of any form.

Now a creator economy is something that is based on how people take a piece of content and take value out of it.

A creator economy is a place where content is monetized by the consumer. The world today is filled with content of various form and people who value them.

We asked Satya, the founder of Klapz club – a micro-tipping platform to support creators, who we thought is the right person to learn about how this field works!

When you make some random person on the internet learn something or have a good time - Your content deserves to be monetized.

There is no better explanation than the phrase mentioned above to explain who and what can find its place in the creator economy.  Satya also adds that it’s only in a paywall that creators have to worry about subscriptions. In a micro-tipping platform, content is made accessible to the audience in public. Here the content is just made to create value for the consumer. When this is done right. No doubt the content starts to monetize.

And this is how you measure it, Audience liking content = Yardsticks and algorithm.

Here is where people will start to think, what motivates people to contribute when they can just go off without a dime lost? And gratitude is the answer to it.

All audiences can’t be your community. But anyone who is willing to give a dime can be your community

When gratitude comes into the picture there has to be a place where it can be cultivated. Community is your go. Anyone who gives out a dime for your content has already made a connection with you. All you’ve got to do is nurture and encourage them to reward when they find something worth rewarding.
Note: Treat all your audience equally. Be it 100 dollars or 2 dollars, when they find value in you, you find value in them

The ultimate framework for a creative community- MIFA

All communities are unique. When it comes to the playbook of a creator community. This is how it will look. Satya’s playbook encourages its audience to reward the content they feel valuable.

This has established a connection between the audience and the content. This ends up in people sticking to the content and becoming a recurring audience.

“New age games need new playbooks, nothing better than MIFA.” Says Satya.

The route to be a successful creator

  • Start publishing before being an expert
  • Stay consistent
  • Stay close to the niche, random engagement isn’t audience building
  • Eye on one platform to begin with, don’t over diversify
  • Keep content accessible to all
  • Run surveys to know areas of improvement

What next?

Creator economy begins and ends with monetization, a lot of creators need to grow their reach. If you happen to love, spread love, show love in the form of reward, and bring a smile to a creator. Klapz club paves the way for you to do it right now.  

On the other side, reaching a wider range of audiences cannot be achieved only through content creation but predominantly through having a Community where you can get feedback, ideas, and suggestions from the audience who admires and appreciates your content.

All creation is worth admiration and a reward.

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