The community suite Weaved for You

Habitate is packed full of innovation, all wrapped up in a beautiful design. This isn't just a nice skin. It's community suite reimagined.

Upto 1000 members
Free custom domain
Social logins
Custom theme colours
5GB storage
Community support
Starter Pack
Starter Pack
$0.18/member per month
Upto 10k members
Safe image control
Custom SSL support
100GB storage
Help with migration
Weekly community newsletter
Plus benefits from silver plan
Let's Connect
10k+ members
250GB+ Storage
ML based Text analysis
Custom authentication
Enterprise support
Integrations with other apps
Plus benefits from gold plan
Starter Pack


Is there a discount for startups/NGOs/open source communities?

We offer generous discounts/enhanced limits to support our budding entrepreneurs/open-source communities/NGOs, etc

Can i get some of the features from the gold plan in my silver plan?

Yes, it can be added for monthly fee, contact us for more info

What is safe image control

You can specify a acceptable image guideline based on parameters to filter violent or adult content

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