Is a community always a huge group of people? Do numbers have a huge part in success?

We all associate this thought with communities and conclude that a small group is weak. Here’s a story that proves it wrong. A man named Giorgio Rosa gets upset with the government and decides to start his own country. If we have to think numbers had a huge part in building community, we will laugh at this guy, and so did others around him.    

But it was not funny for Giorgio it but took it seriously and created something which puts us in awe, and you will be surprised to know what he pulled off with just a bunch of friends in hand. He created a small 400 square feet set up on water and made himself the president. This country has its own currency, flag, post office, and commercial establishments.

This is revolutionary even today, but he did something like that in 1967. If a man can build a whole new country with just a handful of men, come on, it's time we stop pointing out resource crunch as a criterion for not having a community. A community has no strings attached with numbers.

What stood by Giorgio was a micro-community. A community that is small in number but large in impact and value creation. If you want to build a community and are in a dilemma thinking that numbers are not giving hand. If that is the case, dive deep to explore the magic word micro-communities and how you can use that for your benefit.

What is a micro-community?

A micro-community is a community that has a maximum of 30 members. This small group is seen to be possessing core people who are rich enough to make the whole community aspect possible. Micro-communities leverage the core super active members

Advantages of micro-communities

  • Focused and targeted content: When the number of people is less there is no place for chit-chatting, it becomes very easy for the brand to streamline content, keeping out the chances of getting deviated.
  • Right people give the right result: A micro-community is a pact of wisely chosen people, and its value is crazy high
  • Results: The result is seen then and there. This helps you make decisions right before its too late
  • Impactful: When the right people start putting out the right engagement and value; a great impact can never go missing.
  • Have control: The level of control in a micro-community is super high to an extent that you know what comes in and the amount of impact it creates.
  • No void in engagement: In a normal community there is always a group of active members and the other group are the less engaging or the lurkers. In a micro-community, all members are super active members who share valuable content without the need for a push. Have an upper hand in inducing engagement in your community with effective strategies being practiced.

Things in life are best when it’s simple if Giorgio decided to bring a whole ton of people together. He would have spent all his time and energy in bringing them, organizing them, managing them, and would have gone away from what he wanted to accomplish. This doesn’t mean hosting a large group is hectic, each community has its own purpose and goal, looking into those will fashion your choice likewise.

The choice of building a community itself is one smart thing, this process of building a community from scratch can be time and energy involving, but it definitely worth it, and the above story is a testimony to it. but when all the efforts and a good community platform come together it gives birth to something so powerful and effective.

Life is what you make it; why not make it a community?

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